Heal Air Survey

Dear Participant

Many thanks for agreeing to participate in this short anonymous survey. Plasma Green Tech is an Irish based start-up company specialising in air plasma technologies. Our upcoming product, Heal Air, is a smart infection control technology that uses the most effective sterilising agent “Air Plasma”. Heal Air provides a comprehensive solution to combat airborne bacteria, viruses, and neutralises odours for all. It uses a novel approach that cleans air in multiple environments safely and effectively. Our target customers are hospitals, GPs, clinical labs, care homes, the hospitality industry, transport, schools, residential and other indoor environments where high level of cleanliness is required.

The purpose of this survey is to get input from relevant healthcare professionals (HCPs) on the proposed product functions of  ‘HealAir’ and value in a healthcare setting. The survey will only take 5 minutes to complete. Your responses to this survey are strictly confidential. Your answers will only be reported in the aggregate. Individual responses are NOT shared.


Healthcare Professionals Opinion Survey

Microbiologists, Infection Control Heads, and Procurement Staff