About Us

Our Mission

To deliver innovative solutions to combat air, water, and surface borne infections.

Why we are in business?

Plasma Green Tech was founded in Ireland by Dr. Gurusharan Singh Gogna in 2017. Dr. Gogna is a plasma scientist with over 10 years of experience in plasma research and worked on multi-disciplinary projects for healthcare industry. The company is on a mission to bring innovative technologies into the market for healthy living and sustainable future.

Plasma Green Tech delivers innovative plasma based-solutions for both business and government clients, helping them find viable alternatives for today’s environmental challenges. We offers clients the flexibility to support any size and type of project for the desired application such as for surface treatment/modification, water treatment, and/or air treatment.


Heal Air

Heal Air is an award winning smart infection control technology that is going to revolutionise the way we combat healthcare associated infections. It uses the power of the most effective sterilising agent called Air Plasma with an patent pending idea of adjustable sterilisation strength in a monitored environment. Heal Air is the only safe solution in the market that kills airborne pathogens. 

Dr. Gurusharan Singh Gogna

Managing Director

Sharanya Das

R&D Technologist

Yogbir Grewal

Business Development

Ramanjit Singh Lamba

Company secretary

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