What is the problem?

Infection outbreaks of airborne diseases are a major public health concern globally, affecting economies and societies. Airborne pathogens such as Covid-19, influenza (flu), chicken pox, and measles can be easily transmitted through the air and settle on surfaces resulting in both air and surface contamination. The infection caused by viruses like Covid-19 can result in life threatening respiratory illness and death. Globally, 50000 people die every day because of healthcare associated infections (HAIs). It causes significant economic burden worldwide [check HAIs Factsheet].

In healthcare settings, the cleaning protocol includes mainly surface decontamination and following hand hygiene protocols while missing the importance of an air sterilisation solution. As a result, this  puts patients at risk and  increases staff sickness, healthcare expenditure and inducing  a  shortage of beds and medical equipment. Therefore, there is a strong need for an  air sterilisation  solution which effectively kills pathogens, does not emit toxins and with zero downtime.

Current disinfection and filtration methods include the use of ultraviolet (UV), HEPA filters, ozone, and non-thermal air plasma. Among these methods, air plasma is the most effective sterilising agent. The problem with air plasma cleaning solutions in the past was that the output could contain other toxins as a result of the cleaning process. However, WE HAVE SOLVED THIS PROBLEM with our patent pending technology. Heal Air technology eliminates this risk with a sterilisation field of an adjustable strength in a monitored environment. Now with HEAL AIR you can confidently clean air in multiple environments in a safe way. 


How to close the cleaning loop to prevent infection spread?

The Cleaning Loop closes when we 

  1. Follow hand hygiene protocol
  2. Disinfect the air
  3. Monitor air quality
  4. Clean surfaces
  5. Wear protective equipment

Heal Air provides a comprehensive solution that (1) disinfects air and (2) monitors pollutant levels in real time, hence effectively closing the cleaning loop and reducing the risk of healthcare associated infections.


Real time detection and monitoring of air quality

Uses most effective sterilizing agent "Air Plasma"

Kills 99.99% of airborne pathogens

Works 24/7 in your facility

Easy to use interface and can be operated remotely

Air quality data storage and analytics

Trusted by the best


No Downtime

Prevent Infection spread

Reduced Staff Workload

Reduced level of infections

Better utilization of medical equipment

Data analytics

Reduced cost of treatment

Improved Cleaning Protocols

Applications of Heal Air


GP Clinics

Clinic Labs

Care Homes



Work Place



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